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At Farlow-Moyd Law Firm, LLC we do not classify cases as “big or small.” We take each case seriously and give it the attention necessary to obtain optimum results. Our goal is to assist you through the process and diligently work to put you in the best position possible. 


Some notable settlements include:

  • $2,750,000 settlement awarded when a truck driver disregarded a stop sign 

  • $600,000 settlement awarded when a logging truck rear-ended our client 

  • $310,500 settlement awarded when a drunk driver collided head-on with our clients 

  • $140,000 settlement awarded when nail salon negligently performed a pedicure on our client resulting in injury to his feet 



This information does not guarantee the same or similar results. Instead, these are descriptions of cases previously handled by this firm law. Each case handled by Farlow-Moyd Law Firm, LLC is unique, and the outcome depends on many varying factors.


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